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NASASP Membership

Did you know that municipalities, schools and other non-profit organizations receive millions of dollars worth of heavy equipment, computers, office furniture, office equipment and vehicles through the Federal Surplus Property Program each year? Help us ensure the growth of this valuable program through your support of NASASP.

The National Association of State Agencies for Surplus Property (NASASP) is comprised of representative agencies from each state and US possession.  NASASP works to improve the distribution of federal property and to increase communication between its member states and the legislature.  Now you are invited to help us share in these goals.

There are two types of memberships in NASASP:

• NASASP Associate Membership Program is for all agencies who are eligible (or potentially eligible) to obtain property through your State Agency for Surplus Property.

• NASASP Corporate Membership Program is for companies who are not eligible to obtain property but believe in the program and want to show their support.

Thank you for considering membership in NASASP.
Marilyn Trachsel
NASASP Fund Administrator
Phone:  (573) 634-6021

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